Superyacht Influencer Interview: Lauren Wardley – Forbes

Lauren Wardley may not be the CEO of a superyacht shipyard, or a superyacht owner, or a celebrity that can charter a superyacht that costs $2 million per week. But to me, she’s an important superyacht influencer because her company, Ethical Yacht Wear is making a positive difference in the world—specifically in the rarefied world of superyachts—and her commitment to reducing the environmental impact of yacht crew uniforms and other clothing is influencing others in very real ways too.

“I had the idea for the company when I was working as a stewardess on yachts,” she says recently. “Back then, I used to listen to business podcasts and research businesses I liked. Toms Shoes and 4Oceans had just come out and I loved what those companies were doing to give back.

“Since I knew lots of crew cared about the oceans, I wanted to do something positive in the yachting industry. So I started an organic cotton T-shirt brand that sponsored ocean cleanup through sales of 100% organic cotton T-shirts.


“Organic cotton is important because fertilizer and pesticides from cotton farms around the world are some of the largest producers of ocean ‘dead zones,’” she says.

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