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At Ethical Yacht Wear we are committed to providing the most superior quality, premium design, organic cotton apparel that prioritises crew uniform, charter guest gifts and the planet.

We are extremely proud to be leading the industry with a brand and a movement that takes pride in the clothing we supply, the planet we sail around and the oceans we love!


Lauren Wardley


Acknowledging the garment manufacturing industry as well as the yachting industry are both environmentally adverse, Ethical Yacht Wear is taking the lead in supplying uniform that reduces the negative impact on the planet and takes care of the people who make it.

We ONLY supply uniform made with 100% organic cotton or recycled material.

With regular cotton farms being one of the largest contributors to “dead zones” within the ocean (these being areas of the ocean that have been so polluted by human activity that all sea life has died off). We start from the very beginning by only supplying garments that are made with 100% organic cotton, coming from farms where toxic pesticides and pollutants don’t exist.  Our outerwear is made from 100% recycled material! All of our uniform is sourced from factories that use stringent production procedures via innovative product design, low impact organic agriculture, efficiency in manufacturing, and heavy monitoring and compliance with social and environmental impact.

We then make sure the uniform we supply is made Fair Trade, meaning that every person through the garment manufacturing process has been provided with a fair wage, fair working hours and fair working conditions to the highest standard.

… and of course we never package our orders in plastic!

All of our clothing follows a strict sustainable, fair trade, socially responsible manufacturing process and holds many internationally recognised certifications.


We don’t just stop there, we also give back a percentage of profits from every sale to ocean clean up and research. 


We have already sponsored the removal of  10 tonnes/ 10,000kgs of plastic out of our oceans, that is the equivalent on 780,847 plastic bottles!

Help us reach tonne number 11!



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