Frequently Asked Questions

Product Info:

Can I sample products before I buy and is there a charge for samples?

Yes please! We would prefer you are 100% happy with your uniform before placing an order. We charge for initial samples however providing you would to go ahead with an order we will deduct the cost of the samples from the order, making the samples free!

Can I have my uniform printed and/ or embroidered?
Yes, absolutely. We use a wide variety methods from sublimation to screen printing and embroidery. Please let us know what you would like and we will bring your branding to life!
What do I need to have our art work printed or embroidered?
We require all art work to be in PDF or vector file format. If you do not have the art work in either of these formats please reach out so we can assist in getting your art work in print ready format. Please note to transfer your art work into the correct files comes at a charge and we are happy to keep these files on hand for you so you have them for all of your future branding needs. 
Do you have a minimum order quantity?
Only for our customised items. For our Be Spoke clothing we require a minimum order of 6 pieces. For printed items we ask a minimum order of 24 pieces and embroidery requires a minimum of 12 pieces, with the same branding. If you have any questions please reach out and ask and we will do our best to accommodate. 
Can I put my uniform in the washing machine and dryer?
Please consult the individual products care label as this largely depends on the fabric make up of the item and if you have any doubts please reach out and ask us!
What are your turn around times?
If the order does not require any customisation (printing or embroidery) we aim to ship within 2 business days. If the order requires printing or embroidery we will provide visual mock ups within 3 business days of receiving the order, once the visuals are confirmed we aim to have the total order printed and or embroidered within 10 business days. Rush orders will incur a rush order fee. 
If the order is from our Be Spoke factory a design presentation will be provided within 3 business days of receiving the order. Once the design presentation is approved, the order will take 28 days to produce.

Ethics and Sustainability:

How can I find out more information about your Sustainable and Ethical practices?
We have information about the sustainable nature of our different items on our individual products pages as well as the particular certifications they hold. We also have more information on our About Us page and if you would like even more information please send us a message and we will happily respond with exactly what you would like to know.
How do you give back to ocean clean up and aid in reducing world poverty?
We give back to ocean clean up through two main ways. Firstly through any of our products that we supply containing recycled polyester this material has had plastic content (including plastic bottles) melted down into pellets and spun into the yarn that is used in the clothing. This plastic is therefore recycled rather than ending up in landfill or even worse our oceans. We also create more durable products from this strong yarn which are longer lasting and require replacing less often.
The second main way we give back to ocean clean up and research is by donating a percentage of profits back to an organisation on the front line of the worlds plastic crisis, called the Plastic Bank. The Plastic Bank pays people in poorer coastal communities to collect plastic as jobs in exchange for secure income and life-improving benefits including access to health, work and life insurance, social assistance, digital connectivity and banking services. The plastic that is collected through the Plastic Bank is then sold back to large corporations. This circular system not just saves our oceans from plastic but also reduced world poverty.

Payment, Shipping & Returns:

What is your return and exchange policy?
Due to the customised nature of the uniform we can not receive returns or exchanges unless the items are damaged or defective. 
For items that are not customised or from our Be Spoke factory we are able to provide exchanges with the shipping cost covered by you, however we do ask that sizing charts are utilised before purchase so we can avoid this as best as possible.
Where do you ship to?
We ship world wide. Shipping cost will be determined based on destination, size and weight of the order. Express shipping can be organised on request.
What are you payment terms?
We require 100% of payment upon order confirmation. Invoice payment can be made via bank transfer or credit card (credit card payment incurs a 2.5% processing fee).
Due to fluctuating shipment prices we are unable to predetermine your shipping costs. Once the order is packed and we have assed weight and dimensions of the order we will send a seperate invoice for shipping costs.

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