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While pollution and threats to marine ecosystems continues to be a global issue, it is now more accessible than ever to get involved in protecting the environment. From environmentally-focused and informative blogs and podcasts, to brands working to create green products and clean up the oceans, there are endless ways to educate yourself and others while creating a positive impact. Take a look at the list below for our recommendations of the best ethical brands, books and podcasts to check out!

The Green Stew

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Image of The Green Stew founder, Lauren Ryburn, courtesy of  The Green Stew.

Founded by Lauren Ryburn, a luxury yachting stewardess, The Green Stew is a movement with a mission to inform and inspire crew members and those involved in the yachting industry to take proactive, positive actions in order to preserve the earth. Unsettled by the unsustainable practices she witnessed as a yachting crew member, Lauren was inspired to create The Green Stew. The movement emphasizes the message that every person has the power to make a positive difference when it comes to environmental impacts and protection of the oceans. 

The Green Stew has grown as a popular resource within the yachting community, earning a nomination for ACREW’s 2020 crew awards in the environmental category. The awards recognize captains and crew members focused on making a positive difference in the world by inspiring colleagues to rid the ocean of plastic, encourage the use of environmentally-friendly products and leading as a visionary to educate about environmental issues and ways to help. 

The Green Stew provides a valuable resource to yachting industry members with a variety of resources, including lists of reusable and sustainable products to use onboard, recommendations for how to start living a more sustainable lifestyle, an abundance of eco tips and tricks and an eco-store offering cleaning products made from green and safe ingredients. 

In addition to the blog, Lauren runs The Green Stew Instagram page and the “Conscious Yachties” Facebook group. 

Two additional nominees within the industry for this year’s ACREW environmental awards are Viveco Yachts and The Green Stewardess. 

Created by Hannah Russel, Viveco Yachts is a brand passionate about reducing plastic consumption onboard. Based out of Alaro, Mallorca, the company sells a wide range of sustainable products to encourage better buying choices in order to reduce the amount of waste consumers produce. 

Every item sold is carefully designed and created to ensure the most functional, ethical and environmentally-friendly product possible. Consumers can browse through Viveco’s extensive selection of products including, bags, bathroom supplies, hair and skincare products, cleaning supplies, kitchenware and much more!

The Green Stewardess was created in April 2019 by Kiyra Rathbone. The company provides guidance and products to yachts and crew members to work toward more eco-friendly operations within the industry!

Clear Ocean Pact

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Image courtesy of LinkedIn.

Clear Ocean Pact is on a mission to change the mindsets and behaviors of those within the superyacht industry for the betterment of the oceans. The non-profit initiative has set a direct call to the superyacht industry to unite behind five common goals to reduce the industry’s dependency on single-use plastics, as well as share information about viable alternatives to single-use plastic items and to inspire other industries to take similar approaches. 

Clear Ocean Pact developed a common set of achievable goals to provoke new thinking, create engagement and unite the superyacht industry to consider and decrease their plastic footprint. 

The five common goals outlined are:

  1. Avoid any use of plastic bottled water onboard. 
  2. Filter and safely dispose of all washing machine microplastic waste. 
  3. Eliminate the use of single-use plastic items with readily available alternatives, starting with the items due to be banned by the European Union in 2021. 
  4. Reduce the use of single-use plastic toiletries onboard. 
  5. Actively source all provisions with low single-use plastic footprint packaging. 

Save the Med Foundation

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Image courtesy of Superyacht Services Guide. 

Save the Med Foundation is an organization well-known within the yachting community for its mission of protecting marine ecosystems within the Mediterranean Sea. With a team of experienced marine scientists and divers, the organization works closely with local authorities and other stakeholders to create a closely-managed network of Marine Protected Areas, especially around the Balearic Islands. 

Additionally, the organization’s plastic-free programs can be utilized to educate school groups and yacht crew and organize communities to conduct beach cleanups. Members of the yachting industry can become members of Save the Med to get involved in the organization’s projects and participate in educating their own communities. 


Sustainability Defined Podcast

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Image courtesy Sustainability Defined. 

Looking for an educational, yet entertaining podcast to learn more about sustainable living? Sustainability Defined is the ideal choice! Each episode focuses on a specific topic related to improving sustainability. Listeners will learn more about what exactly sustainability entails and how they can incorporate best practices into their own lives. Each episode focuses on a topic with an experienced professional that is knowledgeable and passionate to push sustainability forward. Crew can learn and define exactly what sustainability is to enhance their own conscientious practises within their everyday lives and work routines. 

Think: Sustainability

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Image courtesy of Apple Podcasts.

Think: Sustainability is a podcast focused on practical actions for a better planet. Presented by Julia Carr-Catzel, a radio journalist, the podcast’s episodes include topics, such as the impact of consumption across all areas of life and ways to create a more sustainable future. The podcast delves into topics close to our yacht crew hearts – from waste to wealth, as well as tracking movements, discoveries and technology making way for a more sustainable future! Check this podcast out for some very interesting topics! 


Green Your Routine

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Image courtesy of Amazon.

Green Your Routine: A Transition from Mindless Consumerism to Mindful Consumption by Omar Abad is a reflection on the negative environmental impacts caused by our busy daily routines. Omar Abad’s work puts a spotlight on the environmental significance of the small decisions we make each day. The book is a great resource to evaluate potential changes in our lifestyles and work routines to make more eco-conscious choices. 

Ocean Nomad

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Image courtesy of The Oceanpreneur.

Ocean Nomad: The Complete Atlantic Sailing Crew Guide: How to Catch a Sailboat Ride & Contribute to a Healthier Ocean by Suzanne van der Veeken is a 400-page book offering a comprehensive guide to all aspects of crewing. The inspirational book provides extensive “how-to’s” for crew members and those longing to sail covering nearly every aspect of life on the ocean. 

The book is intentional in raising awareness about the current state of the oceans and outlines more than 75 actionable ways to make a difference for a healthier ocean and marine life. The author’s first book in the series focused on sailing the Atlantic–her upcoming book will be set in the waters of the Caribbean!

Swell: A Sailing Surfer’s Voyage of Awakening

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Image courtesy of Bess Press. 

Swell: A Sailing Surfer’s Voyage of Awakening by Captain Liz Clark is a beautifully-written and photographed memoir of Liz Clark’s experience onboard her 40-foot sailboat, Swell. Over a decade ago, she set sail from Santa Barbara, California and has experienced the beauty, power and realities of life at sea in the years since. 

With over 20,000 miles and exploration throughout the world under her belt, this true story highlights the challenges, adventures and natural wonders of sailing, as well as the impact of humanity on the oceans. 

Captain Liz Clark is a surfer and environmentalist who was nominated for the National Geographic Adventurer of the Year award in 2015. She continues to live her life at sea and educate others about the wonders of the oceans. Check out the book trailer!

Washed Up: The Curious Journeys of Flotsam and Jetsam

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Image courtesy of Amazon.

Skye Moody’s, Washed Up: The Curious Journeys of Flotsam and Jetsam, is an informative book highlighting the journeys of waste and products from creation to the oceans and getting washed ashore on the world’s beaches. Writer, photographer and former East Africa bush guide, Skye Moody utilizes advanced technology and implements competitive beachcombing tactics to unearth debris and waste. A very interesting read for those interested in keeping our beaches safe and clean!

Curious to learn more about sustainable brands and organizations, as well as how Ethical Yacht Wear is working toward a more environmentally-friendly yachting industry? Follow Ethical Yacht Wear for our sustainable tips, tricks, beach clean ups, informative blogs and of course shop our collection of sustainable, fair trade crew uniforms made from 100% organic cotton and recycled materials or explore our lines of eco-friendly crew toiletries. We are committed to giving back 10% of profits from every sale to ocean clean up and research too!

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