Showing up for sustainability; yacht shows continue to move the sustainability agenda forward. 

After the success of our sustainability partnership in Dubai, and the most recent conversations and events across the pond at Palm Beach International Boat Show (PBIB) last month – yacht shows are undoubtedly beginning to align with our sustainability mission and vision at Ethical Yacht Wear. 

When it comes to sustainability and yacht shows, 2023 is certainly making its mark. The success of our partnership with Dubai’s S.E.A. mission back in February and our events at PBIB has set the sustainability wheels in motion. 

Not only are yacht shows featuring next-generation, greener technologies and more efficient, sustainable designs – such as at this year’s PBIBs with Azimut revealing their low-emission yachts and Arksen launching another sustainable explorer range – they are also now ensuring their own show sustainability agenda is being prioritised. Dubai made a significant splash regarding this and PBIBs caught the same wave and we couldn’t be happier about it. 

Palm Beach International Boat Show: sustainability 

PBIBs implemented various initiatives, such as reducing its carbon footprint by powering the show with renewable electricity and partnering with Yacht Carbon Offset. Regarding catering and waste, they also moved towards zero landfill waste with sustainable food and a no-styrofoam policy throughout the event. 

But it isn’t just the event logistics, yacht shows are beginning to dedicate whole seminars and specialised events simply to discuss and bring sustainability agendas to the forefront. 

All three events we attended were a huge success, highlighting the varied efforts and differences that different organisations and individuals are bringing to drive our industry towards a better future. 

Here is a run-down of the ones we attended.

The Superyacht Summit panel 

This was hosted by the US Superyacht Association and took place on the 21st March, and the topic focus was ‘The Blue Economy.’ This summit featured a panel of six industry professionals and how companies – like us – are driving change throughout. 

The ‘Blue Economy’ is defined by the World Bank as the “sustainable use of ocean resources for economic growth, improved livelihood and jobs while preserving the health of ocean ecosystem.” 

Aside from our founder, Lauren, talking about Ethical Yacht Wear’s mission and the importance of protecting our oceans, there were discussions by other companies. Companies such as Greenline speaking about hybrid electrical yachts and the CEO of Teakdecking systems presenting alternatives and greener innovations within the teak deck space. There were also talks from the non-profit Ocean Exchange, and discussions on the scientific research and work that both International Seakeepers and the Water Revolution Foundation continues to do. 

This summit concluded with the fact that education and collaboration are key to improving our economy and industry. We will continue to strive to educate our crews and clients on the importance of protecting our oceans and ways everyone can take part towards a more environmentally friendly industry. 

The Sustainability Seminar 

We kicked off the show’s weekend by hosting a Sustainability Seminar. It covered a range of topics that support sustainability within the industry. Facilitated by Informa, it was inspiring to see their drive in making this seminar happen. 

We were joined by other guest speakers Robert Van Tol from the Water Revolution Foundation and Tony Gilbert from the International SeaKeepers Society. 

We not only discussed our circular business model and how we are turning the ocean plastic problem into high-quality yacht uniforms but also how profits from our sales are going directly to funding plastic removal. The event allowed us to inform, educate and provide awareness around our oceans and the need for their protection. 

Having already removed over half a million plastic bottles from our oceans and providing vital necessities to over 440 families, we spoke about our mission to save our oceans from our current industry and global threats. 

Be Inspired: Inspire Initiative 

The 24th of March also saw the Inspire initiative event, which we are proud to have been sponsors of, alongside the The Yacht Stew. This event was run by the U.S. Superyacht Association and it was about empowering, showcasing, and supporting women in yachting. 

With over 200 attendees, it was so inspiring to listen to an impressive panel of women (and men) speaking about their own impact and leadership within the industry. 

At Ethical Yacht Wear, we continue to advocate for equality and diversity throughout the industry and loved being part of this Inspire initiative. We rounded off the event by giving each attendee one of our 100% organic cotton tote gift bags, filled with goodies!

Yacht Shows of the future

It is clear that sustainability is beginning to creep up the agenda at yacht shows across the globe, and Dubai and Palm Beach are just the beginning this year. Having partnered with initiatives, sponsored sustainability-minded events, spread our sustainability knowledge through seminars, and generally spread our message, we are excited for what is to come for other shows in 2023. 

Next stop, Palma

Next up for this year’s schedule is the Palma International Boat Show, being held from the 27th until 30th April. Not only were there some reassuring initiatives at Palma last year such as the thorough recycling projects but this year there will be an innovation hub. The focus of this hub will be on start-ups within the industry – a lot of which are transforming the industry with their sustainable and innovative solutions to create a better industry. We are excited to see what this holds! 

If you are going to be at Palma and want to learn more about our yacht uniform product lines or our sustainability agenda and efforts, please book a time to meet us. 

If you would like to book an appointment to chat with Lauren Wardley, Ethical Yacht Wear founder, she will be available for meetings to speak about all things uniform and sustainability! 

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