Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your uniform different?

Our uniform is different because we only supply clothing that has been made sustainably using either 100% organic cotton (that does not expose water ways to pesticides and chemicals which occurs in regular garment manufacturing), or recycled consumer material (in some of our hoodies). The clothing is also sweatshop free and made 100% fair trade. The clothing we supply goes through stringent procedures,  processes, and a supply chain that ensures the clothing impacts the environment the least and offers those that work to make the items the fairest most acceptable wages and conditions.

How do you give back to combating ocean pollution and research?

We give back 10% of all of our profits to an organisation called The Plastic Bank. The Plastic Bank establishes plastic pick up as jobs in less fortunate nations around the world. This provides people and their families with an income at the same time stopping the flow of plastic into our oceans. The plastic is then recycled and sold back to large cooperations as social plastic. This system puts a value on plastic and creates plastic recycling ecosystems at the same time reducing world poverty. See more about The Plastic Bank here :

Do you offer printing and embroidery?

Yes we do. We can print or embroid your logo and art work. Please send through art work files so we can give you an accurate cost on your custom printing and embroidery.

How do I get a quote / Make an order?

Please send us an email at [email protected]
Please include quantity, along with item / items style and colour (ie. 30 mens long sleeve, black).

If you would like your uniform printed by us please include art work, number of colours to be printed – number of print positions (front / back / sleeve etc) and where we will be sending your order to. Also let us know if you have a deadline, as we will do our best to accomodate!

What if you do not have what I am looking for?

Please let us know if you can not find what you are looking for, as we might just have something up our sleeve. If you see something you like but would like a different fit, style, or colour please let us know as we might able to accomodate your request.

Can I get a sample?

Yes you sure can. We can provide a sample of any item (unprinted). The sample is on us, only delivery costs to apply.

What is your return policy?

We aim to make you 100% satisified. We do this by offering free samples so you have 100% visual proof of what you are ordering before you buy. Once goods are printed they can not be returned or refunded, however we will try and accommodate blank goods as best as possible. Please contact us as soon as you receive your order if it is incorrect and we will try and fix it!

What is the best way to wash the garments?

To minimize shrinking and twisting, it is recommended that the wash temperature does not exceed 40C in a standard or delicate washing cycle, and the garments are reshaped before drying on a line or flat. Hot washes and tumble drying is likely to affect the dimensional stability of the garments and may also cause fading of colour. For the sake of protecting the environment, we say: wash at 30C or below, do not tumble dry, line dry and only iron when necessary.

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