Ethical Yacht Wear X Dubai International Boat Show: A Partnership with A Greater Purpose

Ethical Yacht Wear shakes up sustainability at DIBS, March 1-5th.

Yacht shows are exciting and full of endless possibilities, and we love that buzz of industry community spirit you get. Still, when it comes to sustainability, everything can feel a little disjointed. 

The eye-watering waste accumulated, the excessive promotional items and the single-plastic use are disheartening. But, already in 2023, things are different. Ethical Yacht Wear has partnered with the Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS) to help them in their S.E.A. (Sustainable, Environmental Action) mission. 

The S.E.A. mission 

Dubai’s position as a global hub for superyachts is being reinforced at this 29th show. With the investment and growth of the industry here, and over 12% of the world’s superyacht fleet being in the Middle East, it is imperative that sustainability is on the forefront of this year’s agenda. 

This year has been recognised as the Year of Sustainability, announced by the UAE President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and the DIBS S.E.A. mission is already highlighting part of that promise. The S.E.A. mission encompasses a range of initiatives to promote the sustainability of our oceans at the 2023 show.

We are proud to be involved in such a purposeful agenda. 

Ethical Yacht Wear & DIBS gives back to Azraq 

We are very excited to be providing the official S.E.A. show merchandise, coming together with our partners (DIBS) to fund an organisation on the frontline of our ocean conservation efforts. The merchandise is a selection of S.E.A. branded organic cotton t-shirts and tote bags. 

Through our partnership with DIBS in this S.E.A. mission, 100% of the proceeds are going to  Azraq, a marine conservation organisation working to protect the oceans through communities. 

Azraq was founded by a marine conservationist and scuba diving instructor, the organisation aims to achieve cleaner and healthier oceans by increasing protection, as well as raising awareness through education and conservation projects. Like us, empowering the yachting industry to make changes, they empower communities to take action. 

Uniform & merchandise that cares

Our uniform and official merchandise lines are sustainably made predominantly from organic cotton or recycled material (incorporating ocean plastic). We further verify the fair-trade credentials of all our suppliers in the production chain, creating honest and sustainable collaborations with suppliers that we believe to hold the same earth conscious and ethical values

We are a company that has been founded and created by crew for the yachting industry; therefore, we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to uniforms, ensuring the best quality, design and fit for the industry.

With years of experience behind us, we have created a range of lines for both men and women, suitable for a range of different departments, yachts and yachting organisations. We further offer completely customisable uniforms designed specifically for and your yachts (brand) image. 

Our impact 

We have already removed over half a million plastic bottles from our oceans and providing vital necessities to over 440 families. We are on a mission to save our oceans through providing the industry with sustainably made uniform as well as through our circular business model at Ethical Yacht Wear, with profits from our sales going directly to funding plastic removal from our oceans. 

Alongside our efforts, the show will have locally sourced food, filtered water solutions and reusable bottles and a range of educational talks on sustainability efforts. There will also be a sustainability agenda and panel on the 3rd of March in conjunction with World Wildlife day. 

Meet us at DIBS

If you are at the show and want to learn more about our yacht uniform product lines or our sustainability agenda and efforts, please book a time to meet us. 

If you would like to book an appointment to chat with Lauren Wardley, Ethical Yacht Wear founder, she will be available for meetings to speak about all things uniform and sustainability! 

We will see you there! 

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