Medium Shaving Frequency

Keep it simple and get your blades for the year all at once!


The Medium Shaving Frequency set is for someone who shaves 4 or less times per week.  It includes 5 packs of 10 blades, or 50 blades in total shipped to you once per year.

This set can be purchased once, or you can subscribe and save with blades being delivered once per year.  Our blades are both compact and efficient, and we believe in making the fewest, no-nonsense deliveries as possible to you per year: Once! This reduces the emissions associated with shipping our products.

Shave More than 3 times per week?  See below for our Year Supply of Blades guide:

Low Shaving Frequency (1 or 2X per week):  ~3 Blade Packs per Year

Medium Shaving Frequency (3 – 4X per week): ~5 Blade Packs per Year

High Shaving Frequency (5 -7X per week): ~10 Blade Packs per Year



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